Why Should You Use the WP Security Audit Log WordPress Plugin?

There are several different WordPress plugins that keep a record of every change that happens on your WordPress website. Every plugin has it pros and cons though you should and can only install and use one of them. Which WordPress activity plugin should you use? This highlights what differentiates the WP Security Audit Log plugin from the other plugins, and also explains why it is the leading WordPress activity log plugin that you should use to keep track of everything that is happening on your WordPress.

The Most Comprehensive WordPress Activity Log

There is no other WordPress monitoring and audit plugin that has better coverage and keeps a record of as much changes as the WP Security Audit Log plugin. The level of granularity in the audit log is of no match. For example the plugin does not simply keep a record of change in a post or a page. It tells you what changed, such as the date, title, author, status and more. And if the content is changed you can also see what changed in the content.
WordPress revision highlights the content changes in a post

Which WordPress Changes Can WP Security Audit Log Keep Record Of?

The plugin keeps a record of virtually every change that can happen on your WordPress and WordPress multisite networks.

  • Structural and property changes in posts, pages and custom post types,
  • Content changes in posts, pages and custom post types,
  • Changes in the WordPress database,
  • Changes in WordPress menus and widgets,
  • Any type of WordPress themes and plugins changes such as upgrades, installations, activation, modified files etc
  • User profile changes,
  • Changes on the WordPress multisite network (e.g. new site added, user added to a site etc),
  • System changes (e.g. WordPress upgrades, settings changes etc),
  • Supports WooCommerce, bbPress, Advanced Custom Fields and Yoast SEO out of the box,
  • And much more!

For a detailed list of all the changes that WP Security Audit Log can keep a record of refer to the complete list of WordPress security event IDs.

What MetaData is Reported When the Plugin Records a WordPress Change?

For every change that happens on your WordPress, the WP Security Audit Log plugin also records the following metadata:

WP Security Audit Log is a Specialized WordPress Activity Log Plugin

The latest iPhone might have a very good camera, but it can never be as good as an SLR. The same applies to WordPress plugins. There are many jack of all trades WordPress security plugins, and even though some of them have some sort of logging / audit trail features, none of them have any specialized features.

WP Security Audit Log focuses and specializes solely on WordPress audit trail and monitoring technology and that is what sets it apart from the competition. No other plugin has a more comprehensive and complete WordPress audit trail solution as the WP Security Audit Log plugin has.

WordPress Multisite Support

The bigger your WordPress setup is, the more users you have the more the need to keep track of all the changes happening on your website. WP Security Audit Log supports WordPress multisite out-of-the-box. WordPress multisite network administrators (Super administrators) can see all the changes from all WordPress websites or filter them by website.

Multisite site selector within the WordPress activity log plugin

Site administrators can see the WordPress audit trail for the websites they have access to only, though the plugin has settings that allow you to configure who can see the WordPress audit trial.

Designed with Security in Mind

We are a security company; hence the plugin was designed with security in mind. That is why the audit trail is very comprehensive unlike of others. Also,  by default only administrators can view the WordPress audit trail though you can allow or restrict access to the audit log by user or role.

We also focus on having as much granularity s possible in the logs since that is what security is all about; detail! And last but not least, that is why we develop features that allow you to be notified via email of critical site changes, and allow you to see who is logged in to your WordPress, to help you stay on top of the security of your WordPress websites and blogs.

Fully Extendable – Get More from the WordPress Audit Trail

You can keep track of all the changes that happen on your WordPress in an audit trial, but you can’t keep an eye on it 247. Therefore unless you have the right tools that allow you to automate some of the processes you are not actually gaining any benefits. That is why we developed a number of add-ons, to help you maximize the benefits of keeping a WordPress audit trail:

Get Alerted via Email When Important Changes Happen on Your WordPress

Use the Email Notifications to create your own triggers and get automatically notified when important changes happen on your WordPress. For example you can create a trigger so when there is a login attempt on the admin account outside office hours you are alerted via email.

Configuring triggers for email alerts in the Notification Add-On for WP Security Audit Log plugin

Take Back Control of Your WordPress – See Who is Logged in and More

Use the Users Sessions Management feature to see who is logged in to your WordPress and keep track of their session. To harden security you can also block multiple same user sessions, and get alerted via email when sessions are blocked.

Multiple same user sessions in WordPress

Reporting, Search and Other features

WP Security Audit log has many other features. You can generate any type of WordPress user and site activity report, and schedule daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports. You can also make  free-text searches in the WordPress activity logs, store the activity logs in an external database and mirror it to third party solutions such as Slack.

Best in Class Plugin Support

You can have the best WordPress plugin in the world but if support is not good, you’ve got nothing. All software might break one day and you will encounter a problem or two so that is why behind every WordPress plugin and other software there should be a great support team. And we do offer that as well, best in class plugin support as our users always highlight in our plugin ratings.

Best WordPress Audit Trail Plugin on the Official WordPress Repository

We can keep going on and on about how great our plugin is, but now we are leaving it to the statistics, to speak for themselves! WP Security Audit Log:

Get Started with WP Security Audit Log

Pretty impressive statistics! Start keeping a record of all the changes that happen on your WordPress today. Getting started is very easy.

WordPress activity log plugin comparison

Refer to the WordPress activity log plugin features & coverage comparison page for a highlight of how the WP Security Audit Log plugin compares to other plugins.

Take Control of Your WordPress Site

Keep a log of all your WordPress site changes, get instantly notified of important changes and see who is logged in real time.

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