WordPress Activity Log Plugins Comparison

We are frequently asked on how WP Security Audit Log compares to other WordPress activity log plugins. In a nutshell, this is what differentiates the WP Security Audit plugin from the competition:

Comprehensive activity log – WP Security Audit Log does not just tell you which object (e.g. page, post, user, WordPress setting) was changed, but also what was changed in that object.

Premium functionality – Some plugins might have a feature from our premium features available for free, but none of them are as comprehensive and none of them have a complete feature list as WP Security Audit Log.

Plugin Support – We provide support via the forums, email and phone to both premium and free plugin users with an average response time of 12 hours. All other plugins only offer support via the forum.

Long Term Vision – We have been managing web farms & securing web applications for more than a decade, so we know what a WordPress admin needs to manage the websites and multisite networks.

Business Sustainability – Free projects are not sustainable. WP Security Audit Log is what we do – it is a fully sustainable project and we continuously invest in research and development.

WordPress Activity Log Plugins Features & Functionality Comparison Matrix

The table below offers a more detailed features and functionality comparison of the most popular WordPress activity log plugins. Also, once here we recommend you to see why thousands of businesses such as Disney, Nginx and Bosch chose the WP Security Audit Log plugin to keep a log of what is happening on their WordPress websites and multisite networks.

 WP Security Audit LogActivity LogWP StreamSimple History
Comprehensive activity logs
File integrity checks (file changes events)
Enable / disable logging of events
Email Notifications
With custom trigger builder
Limited list of built-in notificationsLimited list of built-in notifications
Reports module & automated CVS / HTML reports
CSV export onlyCSV & JSON export only
Search & Filters
Free text search, filters & saved filters
Free text search only
Free text search & filters

Free text search & filters
Database tools
External database, mirroring & archiving
Integration features
Syslog, Papertrail

Syslog, Slack
Custom Events

Fully configurable (retention, permissions, exclusions & more)
Just log retentionJust log retention & exclusion.
Multisite support
Logging of all network changes
Partial - does not log network changesPartial - limited logs of network changesPartial - does not log network changes
Modifiable activity log viewer
WAF / Reverse proxy supportN/AN/AN/A
Forums / Emails / Phone
Forums onlyForums onlyForums only
Average support response time12 hoursWeeksWeeksDays
Plugin UpdatesMonthly3 to 6 months between updatesVery infrequentEvery 6 months

Don’t settle for second best, choose WP Security Audit Log

You need to know the details of every change that happened on your WordPress website to stay on top of the game and ensure the security of your websites and multisite networks. Only the WP Security Audit Log plugin reports all the details and have a complete WordPress activity log solution.