Building a WordPress Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

What is an Intrusion Detection System? An Intrusion Detection System is a software that monitors a host and notifies you of suspicious activity, in this case your WordPress website. Such suspicious activity can be a sign that attackers are trying to find a security hole to exploit on your WordPress website, or have already hacked […]

Built-in WordPress Email Alerts in Email Notifications Add-On 2.0

Announcing Email Notifications Add-On version 2.0 – send WordPress email alerts to multiple email addresses and easily get started with the built-in WordPress email alerts. Read this blog post for an overview of what is new in Email Notifications Add-On 2.0 and to see how easy it is to configure your first WordPress email alert for when important changes happen on your WordPress website.

New Email Notifications and Alerts Add-on for WP Security Audit Log

The new Email Notifications and Alerts add-on for WP Security Audit Log plugin allows WordPress owners and administrators to be instantly notified of important changes happening on their WordPress and WordPress multisite blogs and websites by creating their own monitoring rules so when such action takes place, they are automatically notified via email.