WP Security Audit Log 2.4.1 Released

Announcing version 2.4.1 of WordPress’ most popular audit trial and security monitoring plugin! The new version includes more security alerts for more granular monitoring of all WordPress changes and a new setting that allows you to configure the time zone used in the WordPress audit trial.

Hooks for Custom Alerts and Monitoring of WordPress Menus Changes and Scheduled Content

Announcing version 2.4 of WP Security Audit Log: a new hook for custom alerts, ability to keep a record of all WordPress menus changes and when users schedule either a post, page or custom post type for publishing. Read this post for an overview of what is new, improved and fixed.

New WordPress Security Alerts for Contributors in WP Security Audit Log

WP Security Audit Log 2.1.1 is available for download. The new version includes 2 new security alerts, several improvements and bug fixes. The new version is also shipped with a much improved audit trail search functionality and also improved database connection checks for the External DB add-on.

Monitor Custom Fields Changes in WordPress Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types

A new version of WP Security Audit Log, WordPress’ most popular monitoring and auditing plugin is available for download. The new version allows full monitoring of Custom fields activity in WordPress and WordPress multisite blog posts, pages and custom post types.

Accurate WordPress Monitoring with WP Security Audit Log Plugin

A new update of the WordPress security monitoring plugin WP Security Audit Log is available for download. The new version includes a more accurate WordPress security alert timestamp, allows administrators to store an unlimited number of security alerts and also includes a number of new security alerts.

Easily Monitor WordPress Themes and WordPress Settings Changes

Our popular WordPress security monitoring plugin WP Security Audit Log is finally out of BETA. In this new version 1.0 of the plugin we also introduced monitoring or WordPress themes, PHP errors, WordPress updates, WordPress permalinks and much more. Read these release notes for more detailed information about what is new and improved in this exciting release of WP Security Audit Log.

Monitor WordPress Multisite Users with Plugin

WordPress Multisite administrators can now use WP Security Audit Log to track all WordPress users and other under the hood WordPress activity to identify suspicious behavior and stop it before it becomes a security problem.

Monitor WordPress Widgets Activity with WP Security Audit Log

The new version of WP Security Audit Log WordPress security and monitoring plugin monitors all WordPress widgets activity. WP Security Audit Log issues WordPress security alerts if a WordPress widget is created, changed, moved from a widget area to another or deleted, thus allowing webmasters and blog owners to keep track of what is happening under the hood of their WordPress blogs and sites.