Integration with and Support for External Database in WP Security Audit Log 2.1

The new version of WP Security Audit Log has support for the External Database Add-On and is integrated with so you can get more information about a specific IP address with just a click of a button. For more information about what is new, improved and fixed in this new version of WordPress’ most popular monitoring and audit log plugin read this post.

New Database Connector in WP Security Audit Log 2.0

WordPress 2.0 includes a major change in the core of the plugin that will allow us to provide much more functionality in the future versions. It also makes the plugin to WordPress database connection much faster and more efficient.

WordPress Failed Logins Monitoring Improved in WP Security Audit Log 1.4

Version 1.4 of WP Security Audit Log is available for download. The major feature highlight for this new version is the much improved monitoring of WordPress failed logins, where the plugin reports the username being attacked allowing you, the WordPress administrator to take evasive actions and avoid having your WordPress hacked.

New WP Security Audit Log Displays User Roles & Avatars

The new updated version of the popular WordPress security monitoring plugin WP Security Audit Log has a number of new features, improvements and bug fixes, such as reporting of user role and displaying the user avatar for each alert and more. Read this blog post for more information about the new version of the plugin.

Monitor WordPress Settings Changes with WP Security Audit Log

The new version of WordPress security & monitoring plugin WP Security Audit Log allows administrators and website owners to monitor several global WordPress settings that typically are not changed, but might be changed by attackers during a malicious attack, thus helping WordPress owners be one step ahead of malicious hackers.