How Can I Store the WordPress Audit Trail from Multiple Websites in 1 Central Database

This step by step guide explains how you can use the External database integration tool to store the WordPress activity log (audit trail) of multiple WordPress websites on a single MySQL database. The WordPress Audit Log Database Tables The WP Security Audit Log uses two tables in the database to store the WordPress activity log: wp_wsal_metadata […]

How Can I Edit The Email Notifications Template?

The Email Notifications that you configure use a template that can be edited and personalized. You can also configure and use a different email template for a specific notification, as this article will explain. Editing the Email Notification Template To modify the email template that the WP Security Audit Log plugin uses follow the below […]

Installing the Premium Plugin & Activating the License Key

You can purchase the premium edition of the WP Security Audit Log plugin from within the plugin itself or from our pricing page. When you purchase from within the plugin itself you can enable the option Automatically install the plugin after the upgrade so the premium edition of the plugin is automatically installed when the purchase is […]

WP Security Audit Log Support for Reverse Proxies & Web Application Firewalls

WP Security Audit Log automatically retrieves the originating IP address of a user even when WordPress is running behind a reverse proxy, a web application firewall or load balancers. WP Security Audit Log WordPress plugin can be configured to retrieve the originating IP Address of a WordPress user even if WordPress is running behind a reverse […]

WP Security Audit Log Plugin Database & Audit Log Data Documentation

WP Security Audit Log plugin is a WordPress activity log and monitoring plugin that keeps an audit trail of everything that is happening on your WordPress and WordPress multisite networks. For every activity the plugin identifies it creates a WordPress security alert in the audit log. These WordPress security alerts and the plugin settings are stored […]

WordPress Activity Log Plugin for Multisite Networks

The WP Security Audit Log WordPress Plugin supports WordPress multisite networks right out of the box. The below video highlights the features of this WordPress activity log plugin when installed on a multisite network. The features are also documented below. How WP Security Audit Log Works For Multisite Networks The activity log WordPress plugin is a multisite […]

List of Audit Trail Events & IDs used by WP Security Audit Log

An event is an entry in the WordPress security activity (audit) and monitoring log. For every change the WP Security Audit Log plugin keeps a log of it creates an event with the details of the change, as explained in what are events and event IDs in the WordPress activity log. In this page you can […]