Installing the Premium Plugin & Activating the License Key

You can purchase the premium edition of the WP Security Audit Log plugin from within the plugin itself or from our pricing page. When you purchase from within the plugin itself you can enable the option Automatically install the plugin after the upgrade so the premium edition of the plugin is automatically installed when the purchase is […]

Getting Started with the Reports for WordPress

Table of Contents What are the Reports? Generating Your WordPress Reports Scheduling Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly WordPress Periodic Reports Modifying WordPress Periodic Reports Generating WordPress Users & Roles Statistics Reports Support and related add-on FAQs What are the Reports? The WordPress reports can be used to generate any type of custom report from your WordPress audit trial and […]

Getting Started with the Email Notifications

Table of Content What are Email Notifications? Creating the first WordPress email notification trigger Using the wizard Using the Trigger Builder Grouping email notification triggers The different types of email notification triggers Built-in WordPess email notifications Email alert for first time user login Requesting support and related FAQs What are Email Notifications? Email Notifications allow you […]