How to Import & Export the Plugin Settings

WP Security Audit Log is not a plugin that you install and forget. Like any other logging and monitoring system you need to invest some time setting it up and fine tuning it to meet your requirements. However, you do not have to configure the plugin from the beginning each time you install it on […]

The Complete List of Plugin Settings

The WP Security Audit Log plugin stores all the user configurable and non user configurable settings in the wp_wsal_options table. The below is a list of all the settings, possible configured values and the scope of each setting. For more information on how the activity logs are saved in the database refer to the WP […]

Locked Out of the WordPress Activity Log? Regaining Access

The WP Security Audit Log plugin has two type of privileges: Manage the WordPress activity log plugin View the WordPress activity log You can change these privileges in the plugin’s settings. Though sometimes users can get locked out of the plugin. If you lock yourself out and cannot access the WordPress activity log, follow the […]

What are the default WordPress activity log detail levels?

The WP Security Audit Log plugin has the most detailed WordPress activity log. Though not everyone is interested in knowing all the geeky details of what is happening under the hood of their WordPress website. Some are interested in knowing just what their users are doing. Hence why the WP Security Audit Log plugin has […]

How to configure which user information is shown in the activity log

By default the WP Security Audit Log plugin displays the First and Last name of the user who did the change in the WordPress activity log, as shown in the below screenshot. If the user does not have a First and Last name configured, the username will be shown. Though you can configure the plugin […]

How to allow users with no Admin role to view the WordPress activity log

Note: if you got locked out of WordPress activity log refer to Regaining access to the WordPress activity log. By default, the WordPress activity log (audit trail) (where a record of all WordPress changes is kept) can be accessed only by users with an administrator role. In case of a WordPress multisite installation the site administrators […]

How to configure data retention of the WordPress audit trail

By default the WP Security Audit Log plugin keeps six (6) months of data in the WordPress activity log (audit trial). Therefore when events are older than six months, they will be deleted from the activity log. You can configure the plugin to keep all data or change the retention period of the WordPress activity log events […]