How to Import & Export the Plugin Settings

WP Security Audit Log is not a plugin that you install and forget. Like any other logging and monitoring system you need to invest some time setting it up and fine tuning it to meet your requirements. However, you do not have to configure the plugin from the beginning each time you install it on […]

Configuring the Activity Log For MainWP Extension

Activity Log for MainWP is an extension for MainWP, a popular WordPress sites management platform. The extension keeps a log of the changes that happen on your MainWP dashboard and allows you to view the activity log of all child sites in one central place – the MainWP dashboard. This page explains how you can […]

Managing the WordPress Activity Log Plugin Privileges

Note: if you got locked out of WordPress activity log refer to Regaining access to the WordPress activity log. There are two types of user privileges that can be configured in the WP Security Audit Log plugin. These are: View WordPress activity log Users who have View WordPress activity log privilege can view the WordPress […]

How to configure which user information is shown in the activity log

By default the WP Security Audit Log plugin displays the First and Last name of the user who did the change in the WordPress activity log, as shown in the below screenshot. If the user does not have a First and Last name configured, the username will be shown. Though you can configure the plugin […]