Getting Started with External Databases & Third Party Services

The WP Security Audit Log plugin can be connected to external databases (i.e. non WordPress databases) and third party services so you can: Store the activity log on an external database Archive old events from the activity log to an external database Mirror your site’s activity log to third party services such as Slack, Syslog […]

Getting Started with the Activity Log for MainWP Extension

The Activity Log for MainWP extension allows you to access the WordPress activity logs of all child sites from one central location – the MainWP dashboard. It also keeps a log of all the changes you, your users and customers do on the MainWP dashboard and child sites. This getting started guide explains how to […]

How To Install WP Security Audit Log Manually

If you downloaded the free or premium edition of the WP Security Audit Log plugin you have to install it manually from the WordPress dashboard. The process is very simple and will only take you a few seconds, as this article explains. Once you download the plugin login to your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to the Plugins […]

A Complete List of Plugin Features

The WP Security Audit Log plugin is renowned for being the most comprehensive WordPress activity log plugin with the best coverage. As a comprehensive solution it has a lot of settings and features that tend to go unnoticed unless needed. If you are looking for a complete list of features and functionality the plugin has […]

Getting Started with WP Security Audit Log

Keeping a record of every change that happens on your WordPress website and multisite network in a WordPress activity log is very easy! Just install WP Security Audit Log, the most comprehensive WordPress activity log plugin. This getting started guide will help you get started with WP Security Audit Log. It includes all the information you […]