What are the default WordPress activity log detail levels?

The WP Security Audit Log plugin has the most detailed WordPress activity log. Though not everyone is interested in knowing all the geeky details of what is happening under the hood of their WordPress website. Some are interested in knowing just what their users are doing. Hence why the WP Security Audit Log plugin has […]

What are Events and Event IDs in the WordPress Activity Log?

Every entry in the WordPress activity log is an event, in which you can find the details about a change on a WordPress website. Every event type has an Event ID associated to it. This article explains what Event IDs are and how you can use them. Introduction to Event IDs The concept of events and […]

Does the WordPress audit log effects the performance of my website?

This is a question many people ask because website owners want fast loading website, and rightly so. In very short, the WP Security Audit Log plugin does not effect the performance of a website. As one of the chief WP Engine engineers said after analyzing the plugin: “The latest version performs quite admirably in the stress […]