How to Mirror the WordPress Audit Trail to Papertrail

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You can now mirror the WordPress audit trail to Papertrial, in case you use it to centralise all the logging of your IT assets, including your web application. By mirroring the WordPress audit trail you also ensure it cannot be tampered with and is always available, even in the unfortunate case of a WordPress hack or white screen.

How to Mirror the WordPress Audit Trail to Papertrail

To mirror the WordPress audit trial generated by the WP Security Audit Log plugin to Papertrail follow the below procedure:

  1. Navigate to the DB & Integrations node in the plugin menu.
  2. Click on the Mirroring tab, enable mirroring and select Papertrail.
  3. Specify the Destination. For more information on the Destination please refer to this Papertrail documentation.
  4. Enable colouring which makes the logs easier to read on Papertrail.
  5. Specify how often should the mirroring run and click Save Changes.

Below is a screenshot of the mirroring settings configured to mirror the WordPress audit trial to Papertrail.

Mirroring the WordPress audit trail alerts to Papertrail or Syslog

Use the Stop Mirroring toggle switch to stop the mirroring temporarily. You can also use the Execute Mirroring Now button to instantly trigger the mirroring process.

Refer to the Database & Integration tools getting started guide for more information on the add-on and its other features.