List of Audit Trail Events & IDs used by WP Security Audit Log

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An event is an entry in the WordPress security activity (audit) and monitoring log. For every change the WP Security Audit Log plugin keeps a log of it creates an event with the details of the change, as explained in what are events and event IDs in the WordPress activity log. In this page you can find all the events used by the WP Security Audit Log plugin.

WordPress changes
WooCommerce store and product changes
Yoast SEO plugin settings & SEO metabox changes
MainWP dashboard & network changes 
bbPress plugin, forums and topics changes
Paid Membeship Pro plugin, memberships, orders & payment changes

WordPress Changes

The list of events the WP Security Audit Log plugin uses in the WordPress activity log to keep a log of all the WordPress changes.

Note: The Level column indicates in which activity log detail level the event is included. B / G means that the event is in both the Basic and Geek log level. Geek means it is in the geek log level only.

1000NOTICEUser ActivitySuccessfully logged in.B / G
1001NOTICEUser ActivitySuccessfully logged out.B / G
1002WARNINGUser ActivityFailed Login detected.B / G
1003WARNINGUser ActivityFailed login detected for non-existing WordPress user.B / G
1004WARNINGUser ActivityBlocked from logging.Geek
1005WARNINGUser ActivitySuccessfully logged in. Another session for this user already exists.Geek
1006HIGHUser ActivityLogged out all other sessions with the same user.Geek
1007HIGHUser ActivityLogged out a session.Geek
1008NOTICEUser ActivityUser switched to another user.B / G
2000NOTICEPostCreated a new post and saved it as draft.B / G
2001NOTICEPostPublished a post.B / G
2002NOTICEPostModified a post.B / G
2008WARNINGPostPermanently deleted a post.B / G
2010NOTICEFilesUploaded a file.B / G
2011WARNINGFilesDeleted a file.B / G
2012WARNINGPostMoved post to trash.B / G
2014HIGHPostRestored post from trash.B / G
2016NOTICEPostChanged the category of a post.B / G
2017NOTICEPostChanged the URL of a post.B / G
2019NOTICEPostChanged the author of a post.B / G
2021NOTICEPostChanged the status of a post.B / G
2023NOTICECategoriesCreated a new category.Geek
2024WARNINGCategoriesDeleted a category.Geek
2025WARNINGPostChanged the visibility of a post.B / G
2027NOTICEPostChanged the date of a post.B / G
2042HIGHWidgetsAdded a new widget in a section.B / G
2043WARNINGWidgetsModified a widget.Geek
2044HIGHWidgetsDeleted a widget from a section.B / G
2045NOTICEWidgetsMoved a widget in between sections.B / G
2046HIGHthemesModified a file with the Theme Editor.B / G
2047NOTICEPostChanged the parent of a page.B / G
2048CRITICALPostChanged the template of a page.B / G
2049NOTICEPostSet a post as sticky.B / G
2050NOTICEPostRemoved post from Sticky.B / G
2051HIGHPluginsModified a file with the Plugin Editor.B / G
2052NOTICECategoriesChanged the parent of a category.B / G
2053CRITICALPostCreated a custom field in a post.Geek
2054CRITICALPostUpdated value of custom field.Geek
2055CRITICALPostDeleted custom field.Geek
2062CRITICALPostUpdated a custom field name.Geek
2065WARNINGPostModified the content of a post.B / G
2071NOTICEWidgetsChanged the position of a widget.Geek
2073NOTICEPostSubmitted post for review.B / G
2074NOTICEPostScheduled a post.B / G
2078NOTICEMenusCreated a new menu.B / G
2079WARNINGMenusAdded content to a menu.B / G
2080WARNINGMenusRemoved content from a menu.B / G
2081HIGHMenusDeleted a menu.B / G
2082WARNINGMenusChanged menu settings.Geek
2083NOTICEMenusModified the content in a menu.Geek
2084WARNINGMenusChanged the name of a menu.B / G
2085NOTICEMenusChanged the order of the objects in a menu.Geek
2086NOTICEPostChanged title of post.B / G
2089NOTICEMenusMoved an object as a sub-item in the menu.Geek
2090NOTICECommentsApproved a comment.B / G
2091NOTICECommentsUnapproved a comment.B / G
2092NOTICECommentsReplied to a comment.B / G
2093NOTICECommentsEdited a comment.B / G
2094NOTICECommentsMarked a comment as Spam.Geek
2095NOTICECommentsMarked a comment as Not Spam.Geek
2096NOTICECommentsMoved a comment to trash.B / G
2097NOTICECommentsRestored a comment from the trash.B / G
2098NOTICECommentsPermanently deleted a comment.B / G
2099NOTICECommentsPosted a comment.B / G
2100NOTICEPostOpened a post in the editor.Geek
2101NOTICEPostViewed a post.B / G
2106NOTICEPostA plugin modified a post.Geek
2111NOTICEPostDisabled comments or trackbacks in a post.Geek
2112NOTICEPostEnabled comments or trackbacks in a post.Geek
2119NOTICEPostAdded tag to a post.B / G
2120NOTICEPostRemoved a tag from a post.B / G
2121NOTICETagsCreated new tag.B / G
2122NOTICETagsDeleted a tag.B / G
2123NOTICETagsRenamed a tag.B / G
2124NOTICETagsChanged the slug of a tag.Geek
2125NOTICETagsChanged tag description.Geek
2127WARNINGCategoriesChanged the name of a category.B / G
2128HIGHCategoriesChanged the slug of a category.B / G
4000HIGHUser ProfileA new user was created.B / G
4001HIGHUser ProfileCreated a new user.B / G
4002HIGHUser ProfileChange the role of a user.B / G
4003HIGHUser ProfileChanged the password.B / G
4004HIGHUser ProfileChanged the password of a user.B / G
4005NOTICEUser ProfileChanged the email address.B / G
4006NOTICEUser ProfileChanged the email address of a user.B / G
4007HIGHUser ProfileDeleted the user.B / G
4008HIGHMultisite / User ProfileGranted Super Admin privileges to a user.B / G
4009HIGHMultisite / User ProfileRevoked Super Admin privileges from a user.B / G
4010HIGHMultisite / User ProfileAdded the existing user to the site on the network.B / G
4011HIGHMultisite / User ProfileRemoved a user from a site on the network.B / G
4012HIGHMultisite / User ProfileCreated a new user on the network.B / G
4013HIGHMultisite / User ProfileChange the forum role of the user.B / G
4014NOTICEUser Profile%Opened the profile page of a user.Geek
4015NOTICEUser ProfileChanged the value of a custom field in user profile.Geek
4016NOTICEUser ProfileCreated the custom field in a user profile.Geek
4017NOTICEUser ProfileChanged the first name of a user.B / G
4018NOTICEUser ProfileChanged the last name of a user %username%.B / G
4019NOTICEUser ProfileChanged the nickname of a user.B / G
4020WARNINGUser ProfileChanged the Display name of a user.B / G
5000HIGHPluginsInstalled a plugin.B / G
5001HIGHPluginsActivated a plugin.B / G
5002HIGHPluginsDeactivated a plugin.B / G
5003HIGHPluginsUninstalled a plugin.B / G
5004WARNINGPluginsUpgraded a plugin.B / G
5005WARNINGThemesInstalled a theme.B / G
5006HIGHThemesActivated a theme.B / G
5007HIGHThemesDeleted a theme.B / G
5008HIGHThemesNetwork activated a theme.B / G
5009HIGHThemesNetwork deactivated a theme.B / G
5010HIGHPluginsPlugin created tables in the database.Geek
5011HIGHPluginsPlugin modified the structure of tables in the database.Geek
5012HIGHPluginsPlugin deleted tables from the database.Geek
5013HIGHThemesTheme created tables in the database.Geek
5014HIGHThemesTheme modified the structure of tables in the database.Geek
5015HIGHThemesTheme deleted tables from the database.Geek
5016HIGHDatabaseUnknown component created tables in the database.Geek
5017HIGHDatabaseUnknown component modified the structure of tables in the database.Geek
5018HIGHDatabaseUnknown component deleted tables from the database.Geek
5019HIGHPluginsPlugin automatically created post(s).Geek
5020HIGHPluginsPlugin automatically created page(s).B / G
5021HIGHPluginsPlugin automatically created custom post(s).B / G
5025HIGHPluginsPlugin automatically deleted post(s).Geek
5026HIGHPluginsPlugin automatically deleted page(s).B / G
5027HIGHPluginsPlugin automatically deleted custom post(s).B / G
5031WARNINGThemesUpdated a theme.B / G
6000NOTICESystem & SettingsSystem automatically deleted X alerts.B / G
6001HIGHSystem & Change the option Anyone can register.Changed the option anyone can register.Geek
6002HIGHSystem & SettingsChanged the New User Default Role.Geek
6003HIGHSystem & SettingsChanged the WordPress administrator notifications email address.B / G
6004NOTICESystem & SettingsUpdated WordPress.B / G
6005HIGHSystem & SettingsChanged the WordPress permalinks.B / G
6006NOTICESystem & SettingsReset the WP Security Audit Log plugin settings to defaultB / G
6006NOTICESystem & SettingsReset the plugin's settings to defaultB / G
6007NOTICEUser ActivityUser has requested a non existing page (404 Error).Geek
6008HIGHSystem & SettingsChanged the option Discourage search engines from indexing this site.Geek
6009HIGHSystem & SettingsEnabled or disabled comments on all the website.B / G
6010HIGHSystem & SettingsChanged the option Comment author must fill out name and email.Geek
6011HIGHSystem & SettingsChanged the option Users must be logged in and registered to comment.Geek
6012HIGHSystem & SettingsChanged the option to automatically close comments after a number of days.Geek
6013NOTICESystem & SettingsChanged the value of the option Automatically close comments.Geek
6014HIGHSystem & SettingsChanged the option for comments to be manually approved.Geek
6015HIGHSystem & SettingsChanged the option for an author to have previously approved comments for the comments to appear.Geek
6016HIGHSystem & SettingsChanged the number of links that a comment must have to be held in the queue.Geek
6017HIGHSystem & SettingsModified the list of keywords for comments moderation.Geek
6018HIGHSystem & SettingsModified the list of keywords for comments blacklisting.Geek
6023NOTICEUser ActivityNon WordPress user has requested a non existing page (404 Error).Geek
6024HIGHSystem & SettingsChanged the WordPress address (URL)Geek
6025HIGHSystem & SettingsChanged the site address (URL)Geek
6028HIGHFile ChangesA file was modified.B / G
6029HIGHFile ChangesA file was added to the website.B / G
6030HIGHFile ChangesA file was deleted from the website.B / G
6031HIGHFile ChangesFile cannot be scanned. It is bigger than 2MB.B / G
6032HIGHFile ChangesFile scan limit reached (1M files).B / G
6033NOTICESystem & SettingsFile integrity scan has started / stoppedB / G
6034NOTICESystem & SettingsPurged the WordPress activity logB / G
7000HIGHMultisite NetworkAdded a site to the network.B / G
7001HIGHMultisite NetworkArchived a site.B / G
7002HIGHMultisite NetworkUnarchived a site.B / G
7003HIGHMultisite NetworkActivated a site.B / G
7004HIGHMultisite NetworkDeactivated a site.B / G
7005HIGHMultisite NetworkDeleted a site.B / G

WooCommerce Changes

The list of events the WP Security Audit Log plugin uses in the WordPress activity log to keep a log of the changes in the WooCommerce store and products.

9000NOTICEWooCommerce ProductsCreated a new product and saved it as draft.
9001NOTICEWooCommerce ProductsPublished a product.
9002NOTICEWooCommerce ProductsCreated a new product category.
9003NOTICEWooCommerce ProductsChanged the category of the product.
9004NOTICEWooCommerce ProductsModified the short description of the product.
9005NOTICEWooCommerce ProductsModified the text of the product.
9006NOTICEWooCommerce ProductsChanged the URL of the product.
9007NOTICEWooCommerce ProductsChanged the Product type.
9008NOTICEWooCommerce ProductsChanged the date of the product.
9009NOTICEWooCommerce ProductsChanged the visibility of the product.
9010NOTICEWooCommerce ProductsModified the published product.
9012WARNINGWooCommerce ProductsMoved the product to trash.
9013WARNINGWooCommerce ProductsPermanently deleted the product.
9014HIGHWooCommerce ProductsProduct has been restored from trash.
9015NOTICEWooCommerce ProductsChanged the status of the product.
9016WARNINGWooCommerce ProductsChanged the price of the product.
9017WARNINGWooCommerce ProductsChanged the SKU of the product.
9018HIGHWooCommerce ProductsChanged the stock status of the product.
9019WARNINGWooCommerce ProductsChanged the stock quantity of the product.
9020WARNINGWooCommerce ProductsChanged the type of a simple product.
9021WARNINGWooCommerce ProductsChanged the weight of the product.
9022WARNINGWooCommerce ProductsChanged the dimensions of the product.
9023WARNINGWooCommerce ProductsAdded a downloadable file to the product.
9024WARNINGWooCommerce ProductsRemoved a downloadable file to the product.
9025WARNINGWooCommerce ProductsChanged the name of a downloadable file in the product.
9026WARNINGWooCommerce ProductsChanged the URL of a downloadable file in the product.
9027WARNINGWooCommerce Store SettingsChanged the Weight Unit in the WooCommerce store.
9028WARNINGWooCommerce Store SettingsChanged the Dimensions Unit in the WooCommerce store.
9029HIGHWooCommerce Store SettingsChanged the Base Location in the WooCommerce store.
9030HIGHWooCommerce Store SettingsEnabled or disabled taxes in the WooCommerce store.
9031HIGHWooCommerce Store SettingsChanged the currency in the WooCommerce store.
9032HIGHWooCommerce Store SettingsEnabled or disabled the use of coupons in the WooCommerce store.
9033HIGHWooCommerce Store SettingsEnabled or disabled guest checkout in the WooCommerce store.
9034HIGHWooCommerce Store SettingsEnabled or Disabled the Cash on Delivery option in the WooCommerce Store.
9035NOTICEWooCommerce OrdersNew order placed.
9036NOTICEWooCommerce OrdersChanged the status of an order.
9037WARNINGWooCommerce OrdersMoved a WooCommerce order to trash.
9038WARNINGWooCommerce OrdersRestored a WooCommerce order from the trash.
9039WARNINGWooCommerce OrdersPermanently deleted an order.
9040NOTICEWooCommerce OrdersChanged the orders details.
9041WARNINGWooCommerce OrdersRefunded a Woocommerce order.
9042NOTICEWooCommerce ProductsChanged the catalog visibility of a product.
9043NOTICEWooCommerce ProductsChanged the Featured product setting of a product.
9044WARNINGWooCommerce ProductsChanged the allow backorders setting of a product.
9045NOTICEWooCommerce ProductsChanged the the Upsells of a product.
9046NOTICEWooCommerce ProductsChanged the Cross-sells of a product.
9047WARNINGWooCommerce ProductsCreated a new product attribute.
9048NOTICEWooCommerce ProductsModified the value of a product attribute.
9049NOTICEWooCommerce ProductsRenamed a product attribute.
9050NOTICEWooCommerce ProductsDeleted a product attribute.
9051NOTICEWooCommerce ProductsChanged the visibility of a product attribute.
9052WARNINGWooCommerce CategoriesDeleted a product category.
9053WARNINGWooCommerce CategoriesChanged the slug of a product category.
9054NOTICEWooCommerce CategoriesChanged the parent of a product category.
9055NOTICEWooCommerce CategoriesChanged display type of a product category.
9056NOTICEWooCommerce CategoriesChanged the name of a product category.
9057NOTICEWooCommerce AttributesUser created a new attribute.
9058WARNINGWooCommerce AttributesUser deleted an attribute.
9059WARNINGWooCommerce AttributesUser changed the slug of an attribute.
9060WARNINGWooCommerce AttributesUser changed the name of an attribute.
9061WARNINGWooCommerce AttributesUser changed the default sort order of an attribute.
9062WARNINGWooCommerce AttributesUser enabled/disabled the option Enable Archives of an attribute.
9063NOTICEWooCommerce CouponsPublished a new coupon.
9064WARNINGWooCommerce CouponsChanged the discount type of a coupon.
9065WARNINGWooCommerce CouponsChanged the coupon amount.
9066WARNINGWooCommerce CouponsChanged the coupon expire date.
9067WARNINGWooCommerce CouponsChanged the Usage Restriction settings of a coupon.
9068WARNINGWooCommerce CouponsChanged the Usage Limits settings of a coupon.
9069NOTICEWooCommerce CouponsChanged the description of a coupon.
9070WARNINGWooCommerce CouponsChanged the status of a coupon.
9071WARNINGWooCommerce CouponsRenamed the WooCommerce coupon.
9072NOTICEWooCommerce ProductsOpened a product in editor.
9073NOTICEWooCommerce ProductsViewed a product page.
9074CRITICALPayment GatewaysEnabled a payment gateway.
9075CRITICALPayment GatewaysDisabled a payment gateway.
9076CRITICALPayment GatewaysModified a payment gateway.
9077NOTICEWooCommerce ProductsRenamed a product.
9078NOTICEWooCommerce Store SettingsChanged the option to include / exclude tax in product prices.
9079CRITICALWooCommerce Store SettingsChanged the option on what to calculate tax on.
9080CRITICALWooCommerce Store SettingsChanged the shipping tax class.
9081CRITICALWooCommerce Store SettingsEnabled / Disabled the rounding of the sub total.
9082CRITICALWooCommerce Store SettingsAdded / Deleted / Modified a shipping zone.
9083NOTICEWooCommerce User ProfileChanged the billing address.
9084NOTICEWooCommerce User ProfileChanged the shipping address.

Yoast SEO plugin & SEO metabox Changes

The list of events the WP Security Audit Log plugin uses in the WordPress activity log to keep a log of the changes users make in the posts’ SEO metabox and in the Yoast SEO plugin settings.

8801NOTICESEO metaboxChanged title of a SEO post
8802NOTICESEO metaboxChanged the meta description of a SEO post
8803NOTICESEO metaboxChanged setting to allow search engines to show post in search results of a SEO post
8804NOTICESEO metaboxChanged the option for search engine to follow links of a SEO post
8805NOTICESEO metaboxChanged the meta robots advanced setting of a SEO post
8806NOTICESEO metaboxChanged the canonical URL of a SEO post
8807NOTICESEO metaboxChanged the focus keyword of a SEO post
8808NOTICESEO metaboxChanged the option Cornerstone Content of a SEO post
8809WARNINGPlugin settingsChanged the Title Separator setting
8810WARNINGPlugin settingsChanged the Homepage Title
8811WARNINGPlugin settingsChanged the Homepage Meta description
8812WARNINGPlugin settingsChanged the Company or Person setting
8813WARNINGPlugin settingsChanged the option Show Posts/Pages in Search Results
8814WARNINGPlugin settingsChanged the Posts/Pages title template
8815WARNINGPlugin settingsEnabled/Disabled SEO analysis
8816WARNINGPlugin settingsEnabled/Disabled readability analysis
8817WARNINGPlugin settingsEnabled/Disabled cornerstone content
8818WARNINGPlugin settingsEnabled/Disabled the text link counter
8819WARNINGPlugin settingsEnabled/Disabled XML sitemaps
8820WARNINGPlugin settingsEnabled/Disabled ryte integration
8821WARNINGPlugin settingsEnabled/Disabled the admin bar menu
8822WARNINGPlugin settingsChanged the Posts/Pages meta description template
8823WARNINGPlugin settingsChanged the option Date in Snippet Preview for Posts/Pages
8824WARNINGPlugin settingsChanged the option Yoast SEO Meta Box for Posts/Pages
8825WARNINGPlugin settingsChanged the advanced settings for authors

MainWP Dashboard Changes

The list of events the WP Security Audit Log plugin uses in the WordPress activity log to keep a log of the changes users make in the MainWP dashboard.

7700HIGHChild SitesAdded a child site
7701HIGHChild SitesRemoved a child site
7702WARNINGChild SitesEdited a child site
7703NOTICEChild SitesSynced data with a child site
7704NOTICEChild SitesSynced data with all child sites
7705HIGHExtensionsInstalled an extension
7706HIGHExtensionsActivated an extension
7707HIGHExtensionsDeactivated an extension
7708HIGHExtensionsUninstalled an extension
7709NOTICEExtensionsAdded or removed extension in the menu
7710NOTICEChild SitesFailed to retrieve the activity log
7711NOTICEChild SitesStarted retrieving activity logs from child sites
7712NOTICEChild SitesFinished retrieving activity logs from child sites
7750NOTICEAdvanced Uptime MonitorAdded a monitor
7751NOTICEAdvanced Uptime MonitorDeleted a monitor
7752NOTICEAdvanced Uptime MonitorStarted a monitor
7753WARNINGAdvanced Uptime MonitorPaused the monitor
7754NOTICEAdvanced Uptime MonitorCreated monitors for all child sites

bbPress Changes

The list of events the WP Security Audit Log plugin uses in the WordPress activity log to keep a log of the changes in the bbPress plugin, forums and topics.

8000HIGHbbPress ForumsCreated a new forum.
8001NOTICEbbPress ForumsChanged the status of the forum.
8002NOTICEbbPress ForumsChanged the visibility of the forum.
8003HIGHbbPress ForumsChanged the URL of the forum.
8004NOTICEbbPress ForumsChanged the order of the forum.
8005HIGHbbPress ForumsMoved the forum to trash.
8006WARNINGbbPress ForumsPermanently deleted the forum.
8007WARNINGbbPress ForumsRestored the forum from trash.
8008NOTICEbbPress ForumsChanged the parent of the forum.
8011NOTICEbbPress ForumsChanged the type of the forum.
8009WARNINGbbPress SettingsChanged the forum's auto role.
8010WARNINGbbPress SettingsChanged the option for anonymous posting on the forum.
8012NOTICEbbPress SettingsChanged the time to disallow post editing in the forums.
8013WARNINGbbPress SettingsChanged the posting throttle time in the forums.
8014NOTICEbbPress TopicsCreated a new topic.
8015NOTICEbbPress TopicsChanged the status of the topic.
8016NOTICEbbPress TopicsChanged the type of the topic.
8017HIGHbbPress TopicsChanged the URL of the topic.
8018NOTICEbbPress TopicsChanged the forum of the topic.
8019HIGHbbPress TopicsMoved the topic to trash.
8020WARNINGbbPress TopicsPermanently deleted the topic.
8021WARNINGbbPress TopicsRestored the topic from trash.
8022NOTICEbbPress TopicsChanged the visibility of the topic.

Paid Membership Pro Changes

The list of events the WP Security Audit Log plugin uses in the WordPress activity log to keep a log of the changes that happen on your Paid Membership Pro memberships, users, orders, payments and payment gateways. Monitoring of such changes is provided by a third party plugin WP Security Audit Log addon for Paid Memberships Pro.

8501PMPro / User MetaCreated a new meta field for a member user.
8502PMPro / User MetaChanged the name of the meta field for a member user.
8503PMPro / User MetaModified the value of a meta field for a member user.
8504PMPro / User MetaDeleted a meta field that was in a member user profile.
8601PMPro / OrdersNew PMPro order has been added to a user.
8602PMPro / OrdersPMPro order has been deleted.
8603PMPro / OrdersPMPro order has been changed.
8604PMPro / MembershipsUser's PMPro Level changed.
8605PMPro / MembershipsUser completed PMPro checkout process.
8618PMPro / MembershipsA PMPro level associated with a user was canceled.
8606PMPro / Discount CodesPMPro discount code is deleted.
8607PMPro / Discount CodesPMPro discount code is Updated.
8608PMPro / Discount CodesPMPro discount code level is updated.
8609PMPro / MembershipsPMPro Membership Level is saved.
8610PMPro / MembershipsPMPro Membership Level is deleted.
8611PMPro / Payments & GatewaysPMPro Payment Subscription is canceled.
8612PMPro / Payments & GatewaysPMPro Payment Subscription is expired.
8613PMPro / Payments & GatewaysA PMPro Paypal IPN Payment is processed.
8614PMPro / Payments & GatewaysA PMPro Payment Subscription is completed.
8615PMPro / Payments & GatewaysA PMPro Payment Subscription failed.
8616PMPro / Payments & GatewaysA PMPro Payment Subscription is past due.
8617PMPro / Discount CodesA PMPro discount code is Added.