How to keep a log of WordPress content changes?

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Whenever the content of a post, page or a custom post type is changed the WP Security Audit Log plugin keeps a record of the change in the WordPress audit trail. It keeps a log of such change using event ID 2020, as seen in the below screenshot. Refer to our detailed list of activity log event IDs for more information about what every event ID is used for.

Alert 2020 - WordPress content change

In the content change event the plugin also adds a link that points to the revision viewer. The viewer highlights all the content changes using the below colour codes:

  • green is new content,
  • red is deleted content.

Look at the below screenshot as an example. The word best was replaced with the text most comprehensive. The sentence Download and install now was also added.

The WordPress revision viewer

How does WP Security Audit Log keep track of content changes?

The WP Security Audit Log plugin uses the built-in posts and pages WordPress revisions system, which is enabled by default. If the revision system is not enabled on your WordPress follow the instructions on how to enable it in our post about WordPress content revisions.

What if the WordPress revisions system is disabled?

The plugin will still keep a log of content changes. However, it won’t link to the revision system, which means you can’t see the actual changes.

Why does the plugin use the WordPress revisions system?

We use the built-in WordPress revisions system because it has been extensively tested and it is very robust. Therefore there is no point in writing our own system.