Hot to disable the logging of a specific changes on WordPress

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By default WP Security Audit Log keeps track of almost any possible WordPress change that happens on your WordPress websites and blogs. Though it is possible to disable (and re-enable) the tracking of a specific WordPress change. When you disable the tracking of a specific change, for example the installation of a WordPress plugin, there won’t be a record in the WordPress audit trail each time a plugin is installed on your WordPress.

How to Disable a WordPress Security Alert

To disable or enable a specific alert navigate to the Enable/Disable Alerts node in the plugin’s menu, select the category tab and untick the WordPress security alert. Tick back the alert to re-enable it. Refer to the complete list of WordPress security alerts for a searchable list of all the security alerts the WP Security Audit Log plugin uses to keep track of all changes that happen on your WordPress websites and blogs.

Disabling or Enabling security alerts from the WordPress Audit Trail