What is the activity log data upgrade plugin?

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In WP Security Audit Log version 4 we introduced two new metadata types in the activity log: event type and object. Since this metadata was not recorded in previous versions of the logs we developed the activity log data upgrade plugin so you can update the old activity log data to version 4.

From where I can get the data upgrade plugin?

The plugin is hosted on a Github repository. Download the plugin now or visit the Github repository.

How does the plugin and upgrade work?

The upgrade process is automated. Simple install the plugin and click start. Deactivate and uninstall the plugin once the data is upgraded.

Do I have to upgrade the old activity log data?

No, you do not have to upgrade the data. If you do not upgrade the plugin and activity logs will still work as normal. However, the event type and object metadata will not be added to the old activity log events.

Tell me more about metadata, the logs etc.

To learn more about metadata please refer to the WordPress activity logs metadata document.