WP Security Audit Log Version 1.3.3 Released

Today we released an update for WP Security Audit Log, WordPress’ most popular user monitoring plugin. Even though this is a minor update we recommend you to update your plugin since it addresses a bug in the reverse proxy / WAF support. Here are some of the highlights.

Improved Hide Plugin Functionality

The Hide Plugin functionality which removes the plugin from the WordPress plugins page now also applies for all WP Security Audit Log premium add-ons. This means that if an add-on is installed and activated, and the Hide Plugin setting is enabled the add-on will also be removed from WordPress plugins page.

Small Improvements and Bug Fixes

In version 1.3.3 of WP Security Audit Log we improved both the help text in the Settings page and the text of some WordPress security alerts. This version also fixes an issue related to the new reverse proxy / WAF settings we introduced in the previous version, which enable the plugin to retrieve the source IP address of the user even if WordPress is installed behind a reverse proxy or web application firewall. For more details about this version refer to the plugin’s change log on the WordPress repository.

Download WP Security Audit Log Plugin

Download WP Security Audit Log from the official WordPress plugin repository and start monitoring your WordPress and WordPress multisite installations today. If you have any questions, feedback or need support please get in touch with us by sending us an email on plugins@wpwhitesecurity.com. We also recommend you to subscribe to our WP White Security Plugins newsletter to get notified via emails when new updates, plugins and tips are available.

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