New WP Security Audit Log Plugin Supports Syslog and Papertrail

Today we are excited to announce version 2.5.9 of the WP Security Audit Log WordPress plugin, and version 2.0 of the External DB premium add-on. We have really put in a lot of work in these versions, and finally you can mirror the WordPress audit trail to Syslog and Papertrail, the cloud-hosting log management system.

Here is an overview of what is new and improved in these version updates of both the plugin and its External DB add-on.

Mirroring of the WordPress Audit Trail to Papertrail and Syslog

With the new version of the External DB add-on you can mirror the WordPress audit trail to Papertrial, Syslog or even an external MySQL database. There are a number of advantages you can benefit from when mirroring the audit trail, such as:

  • meet regulatory compliance requirements,
  • centralise logging,
  • ensure the WordPress audit trail is not tampered with (even in case of a hack),
  • ensure the WordPress audit trail is always available, even when the website is down.

Read the below FAQs for more information on how to configure mirroring of the WordPress audit trail to any of the supported solutions:

Archiving of the WordPress Audit Trail

Some of the WordPress websites WP Security Audit Log is installed on are multisite, and they run thousands of websites. Typically such setup generates thousands of alerts in the WordPress audit trail on a daily basis. Such quantity of data can slow down the reading and writing to the database. Now you can use the Archiving feature in the External DB add-on to keep the WordPress audit trail database small, manageable and fast.

Once you configure the archiving of the WordPress audit trail alerts you can still see the archived alerts in the Audit Log Viewier, by using the drop down menu shown in the below screenshot.

Drop down menu in Audit Log Viewer to view the archiving database

You can also use the Search Add-On to search through the alerts in the archiving database and the Reports Add-On to generate reports from it, as explained in this FAQ about the archiving of WordPress audit trail alerts.

Updating the WP Security Audit Log Plugin and Add-Ons

You will be prompted to update the plugin and add-ons in the Plugins page of the WordPress admin pages. Should you encounter any issues do not hesitate to get in touch. Also, please do spare a minute to rate our plugin. Everyone likes stars!

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