WP Security Audit Log 2.4.1 Released

WP Security Audit Log plugin updateWP Security Audit Log version 2.4.1 has been released! Even though this is a minor release, it includes new WordPress security alerts that allow the users to keep record of content titles changes. This new version also has a new setting that allows you to change the time zone in the WordPress Audit Trail. Below is an overview of the new alerts and setting.

WordPress Security Alerts to Monitor Content Title Changes

  • Alert 2086: USer changed the title of a post
  • Alert 2087: User changed title of a page
  • Alert 2088: User changed title of a custom post type

Refer to the complete list of all the WordPress security alerts that the WP Security Audit Log plugin uses to record all the changes that happen on your WordPress for more information.

WordPress Audit Trail Time Zone Setting

We also included a new setting in the plugin that allows you to switch the time zone that is used for the timestamp of the WordPress security alerts. You can now switch the time zone between UTC and the time zone configured on your WordPress. Read the FAQ How to Change the Time Zone of the WordPress Audit Trail for more detailed information about these new settings.

Improved the WordPress Audit Trail Migration Mechanism

In this version we have also included a new AJAX based migration mechanism that is used for migrating the WordPress Audit trail from a WordPress database to an external database when using the External DB Add-On. The new mechanism is able to migrate much bigger WordPress audit trails, with 1000s of alerts within a few minutes.

Download & Try WP Security Audit Log

Keep track of all the changes on your WordPress and WordPress multisite installations with WP Security Audit Log plugin. Getting started is very easy, as explained in this introductory video.

You can also use the premium add-ons to get more out of the audit trail such as create email notifications, generate user and compliance reports, store the WordPress audit trail in an external database and much more.

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