WP Security Audit Log 1.2.2 Available for Download

We just released version 1.2.2 of WP Security Audit Log WordPress security monitoring plugin. This is a minor release in which we addressed a number of bug fixes reported to us via email and enabled the translations on the plugin. WP Security Audit Log is already available in Italian thanks to Leonardo Musumeci.

Download WP Security Audit Log Plugin

Download the WordPress security monitoring plugin WP Security Audit Log from the official WordPress plugin repository and start monitoring your WordPress and WordPress multisite installations today. For more details about the WordPress activity that WP Security Audit Log plugin can monitor refer to the List of WordPress Security Audit Log Alerts.

Upgrading WP Security Audit Log Plugin

Once you login to your WordPress using an administrator account you will be automatically notified that an upgrade of WP Security Audit Log plugin is available. You can upgrade automatically by clicking the upgrade link.

If you want to manually upgrade the plugin; download WP Security Audit Log from the WordPress repository, deactivate the plugin from the WordPress dashboard, delete all plugin files and replace them with the new files. Once all files are uploaded, enable the plugin from the WordPress dashboard.

Rate WP Security Audit Log Plugin

If you use WP Security Audit Log plugin and it helped you improve the security and monitoring of your WordPress blogs and websites, please rate WP Security Audit Log on the WordPress repository. If you have any questions, feedback or need support please get in touch with us by sending us an email on info@wpsecurityauditlog.com.

You can also subscribe to our WP White Security Plugins newsletter to get notified via emails when new updates, plugins and tips are available.

Take Control of Your WordPress Site

Keep a log of all your WordPress site changes, get instantly notified of important changes and see who is logged in real time.

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