WordPress Reports Add-On for WP Security Audit Log

The Reports add-on for WP Security Audit Log helps WordPress administrators keep record of all users’ productivity and activity, and meet legal and regulatory compliance requirements their business needs to adhere to.

We are very happy to announce the release of a new premium add-on for WP Security Audit Log plugin, Reports. This extension gives you the ability to generate any type of WordPress reports that come in handy if you would like to keep a closer eye on WordPress users’s performance and even perhaps if you need to keep record of all activity on your WordPress to meet legal and regulatory compliance requirements which many businesses have to adhere to.

Reports Add-On for WP Security Audit Log

The new WordPress reports add-on allows you, WordPress administrators to generate any type of WordPress activity report from the activity data stored in the WordPress security audit log. Unlike other WordPress reports plugins, Reports add-on does not have any built in reporting templates that limit your ability to generate only specific report types. It allows you to generate any type of WordPress report.

For example you can generate an activity report for a specific user, or group of users. You can also generate a WordPress activity report for a specific role, alert ID or set of alerts and also per site in case of WordPress multisite installation. A date range can also be specified when generating a WordPress report and reports can be exported in both HTML and CSV format.

Generating WordPress Reports

Generating a WordPress report is very simply. First select the data you would like to include in the report, specify a date range (optional), select the report format and click Generate Report. For example in the below screenshot I am generating an HTML report to see all alerts for user Robert which are related to Blog Posts and Pages and that were generated in September.

Generating a WordPress report with the Reports Premium Add-on

Reports Premium Add-On Pricing

The Reports add-on is a premium add-on and the price for one website is just $29 per year. Prices are heavily discounted for anyone buying the extension for more than one website. If you would like to generate reports for more than 20 websites, or more than 20 sites on a single WordPress multisite install please contact us. The price also includes:

Premium Support

When you pay for a WP Security Audit Log add-on you do not just pay for the add-on itself, but also for one year of premium support. If you have any issues with any of the add-ons drop us an email on support@wpwhitesecurity.com and we will provide you direct support.

Add-Ons Updates

From time to time we release add-ons updates which include new features and functionality. Apart from that we also frequently release updates which improve the existing functionality of the plugin or make bug fixes to address specific issues. Therefore when you pay for a WP Security Audit Log add-onyou will be entitled to update your add-on with the latest updates.

Reports Add-On Availability

For more information and to buy the Reports add-on for WP Security Audit Log visit the Reports Add-On Product Page.

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Keep track of everything that is happening on your WordPress and WordPress Multisite with WP Security Audit Log plugin. By knowing everything that is happening on your WordPress you ensure both the security of your blogs and websites and the productivity of all your users. If you have been using WP Security Audit Log and it helped you improve the security of your WordPress and WordPress multisite please rate it on the WordPress plugins repository.

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