Update – Logs for WooCommerce Variable Product Changes

In this second WP Security Audit Log plugin update for the month of February 2019, we focused on improving the coverage of the WooCommerce activity logs. The plugin can now keep a log of more WooCommerce settings changes, and most importantly of all, of changes in WooCommerce variable products!

Keep a Log of Changes in WooCommerce Variable Products

Changes in the variable products metadata in WooCommerce

From this version onward, our WordPress and WooCommerce activity log plugin can keep a log of changes in Variable products. So whenever you change any of the below metadata in variable products, the plugin will keep a log of it:

  • SKU
  • Product regular and sale price
  • Product type changes (virtual, downloadable)
  • Stock changes (quantity and back orders settings)
  • Weight and dimensions

WooCommerce Taxes and Shipping Settings Changes

In this update we have also included some new activity log events to keep a log of WooCommerce taxes and shipping changes. Below is the list of the new events:

  • Event ID 9078: Changed the option to include / exclude taxes in product prices.
  • Event ID 9079: Changed the option on what type of shipping to calculate tax on.
  • Event ID 9080: Changed the shipping tax class.
  • Event ID 9081: Enabled / Disabled the rounding of the sub total.
  • Event ID 9082: Added / Deleted / Modified a shipping zone on WooCommerce.

Fore more information and details on what the plugin can keep a log of refer to the list of activity log events for WordPress sites.

Improved Activation Mechanism on Multisite Networks

The WP Security Audit Log is an activity log tool for all the WordPress multisite network and not just for a few of the child sites on the network.

It is of utmost importance to keep a log of everything that happens on all sites on the network because if one child site is compromised, then the network is compromised. So in this update we have implemented controls so the plugin can only be activated from the network dashboard, to ensure users get the most out of their activity logs.

Important Note On Updating WP Security Audit Log

You will be alerted about the update when you login to your WordPress dashboard, like with any other plugin.

However, if you are running version 3.3 of the premium edition you might not be alerted about the update because of a problem in the licensing SDK. If you are not alerted about the update follow the below procedure:

  • Click on the Account tab in the plugin menu
  • Click on Install Update Now to initiate the update

Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be glad to help.

Change Log & Plugin Reviews

For a detailed list of all that is new and improved in update of the plugin refer to the plugin change log.

Also, if you’ve been using the plugin and it helped you please spare a minute to rate it on the WordPress repository. We love stars. Who doesn’t?

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