Reports Add-On 2.0 – Automatically Receive WordPress Reports via Email

We are happy to announce the new version of the Reports Add-on. In this new version of the add-on for WP Security Audit Log plugin, you can configure the plugin to automatically send you a summary report of changes that took place on your WordPress and WordPress multisite. Let’s take a more detailed look into the new automated reports.

Receive WordPress Reports Automatically via Email

Even though you can use the Reports Add-on to create WordPress user activity report, you do not have time to manually generate the reports. Therefore in this new version we introduced new functionality that allows you to specify what type of activity you would like to be alerted about on a weekly or monthly basis. Some examples follow:

Automated Report for Failed WordPress Logins

Weekly Email Report for All Failed WordPress Logins

For example with the configuration shown in the above screenshot, the recipient will receive a HTML report with a list of all failed logins for the last week.

Automated WordPress Report for New Published Content

Configuring Automated WordPress Reports to be sent via Email

When you enable the option Send me a list of content that was published you will receive an email with a list of all posts, pages and custom post types that were published during the previous week or month, depending on what you configured. Using the example configuration in the screenshot above, the recipient will receive a CSV report with a list of all the published content on the site LocalDotCom (multisite environment) during the last month.

This option is useful for those who have third party authors contributing to their website.  Rather than having to manually look through all of their work to pay them, you can rely on the automatically generated reports.

Configure Multiple Recipients for Automated Reports

You can also configure the automated reports to be sent via email to multiple recipients. To do so simply specify all of the email addresses in the Specify Recepient(s) section and separate the email addresses using a comma.

Reports Add-On Information and Pricing

For more detailed information on the Reports Add-on refer to the Reports Add-On product page. The Reports Add-On bundle is also available in the All WP Security Audit Log Add-Ons bundle.

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