New WordPress Security Alerts for Contributors in WP Security Audit Log

Earlier on today we released WP Security Audit Log version 2.1.1, and updates for the Email Notifications add-on, Search add-on and Reports add-on. The new version of the plugin includes new WordPress security alerts and the new add-on updates address a number of functionality improvements. Below is a highlight of what is new and improved with this release.

New WordPress Security Alerts

We included these two new security alerts in the new version of WP Security Audit Log:

Alert 2073: Contributor submits post for review
When a contributor submits an article for review, WP Security Audit Log will add Alert 2073 to the WordPress audit trail. The alert will include the date and time of when the action happened, the username of the contributor and the name & ID of the post.

Alert 2073 - Contributor Submitted Post for Review

Alert 2072: User modified the content of post submitted for review
When a user modifies the content of a post which is submitted for review, WP Security Audit Log will log Alert 2072 in the WordPress audit trail. The alert will include the date and time of when the change happened, the username of the user who modified the content and the post’s name.

Alert 2072 - User modified the content of a post submitted for review

For a complete list of WordPress security alerts that can be recorded in your WordPress audit trail refer to the List of Security Alerts.

Ability to Search in WordPress Audit Trail via Alert ID

When using the Search add-on it is now possible to search in the WordPress audit trail via Alert ID without using filters. Hence if you are looking for a specific change, refer to the list of WordPress security alerts to get the alert ID and search for it. Therefore if for example you found that a new user was added to a site in a WordPress multisite installation you can search for 4010, which is the alert that is generated when an existing WordPress network user is added to a site.

Removed Unkown Username from Alerts

In previous versions of the plugin, when an action for which no user is responsible was recorded by the plugin, the plugin reported the username as unknown. For example as seen in the below, screenshot when a failed login is detected and the username used is not a valid username, the plugin shows the username as unknown.

A WordPress failed login alert recorded in the WordPress Audit Trail

The uknown username can be misleading; hence we replaced it with system. Therefore when the plugin records an action that is generated by the system for which no user is accountable for, the plugin will report system as username. We also added the WordPress logo as an avatar to highlight the fact that such action or change was generated by the system itself.

System instead of Unknown in WordPress security alert.

Other Noteworthy Improvements & Bug Fixes

In this new version of WordPress’ favourite audit trail plugin we also improved the database connection checks when using the External DB add-on. For example we added a timeout for when a non-reachable IP address or host is specified etc. We also fixed and improved the user listing in the Reports add-on and fixed some other issues reported in the support forums. For more details about all that is new, improved and fixed please refer to the WP Security Audit Log plugin changelog.

Update WP Security Audit Log and Add-Ons

If you are using WP Security Audit Log plugin and any of its add-ons navigate to the plugins’ page in the WordPress dashboard and update the plugin and the add-ons.

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