New WordPress Users Sessions Management Add-On for WP Security Audit Log

WP Security Audit Log plugin updateToday we released version 2.4.3 of the most comprehensive WordPress audit trail plugin WP Security Audit Log. With this new version we are excited to announce the release of a new premium add-on that allows you to see who is logged in to your WordPress websites and control users sessions.

Read this blog posts for an overview of what is new, improved and fixed in this latest version of the plugin.

New Users Sessions Management Add-On

This new plugin add-on is unique and the first of its kind. Like we’ve done several other times before, with the release of this new add-on we are pushing the boundaries of what can be done on WordPress. As seen in the below screenshot, the new Users Sessions Management add-on allows you to:

  • See who is logged in to your WordPress and WordPress multisite networks,
  • See the latest change the user did in every logged-in session,
  • Terminate existing sessions,
  • Block multiple sessions for the same WordPress user,
  • Get alerted via email when a sessions is blocked or when there are multiple sessions.

See who is logged in to your WordPress websites and blogs with the new Add-on

Read the WordPress users sessions management add-on product page for more information about the add-on, pricing and more. This add-on will also be included in the All Add-Ons bundle, therefore if you already own a bundle license contact us so we can send you a license key for this add-on.

New WordPress Security Alerts

When you install the Users Sessions Management add-on the WP Security Audit Log plugin will alert you when a user’s login is blocked or where there are multiple users sessions with the below alerts in the WordPress audit trial:

  • Alert 1004: a user’s login was blocked because a session with the same username already exists
  • Alert 1005: multiple logged-in sessions for the same WordPress user were detected

Refer to the complete list of WordPress security alerts for more detailed information on which changes the plugin can keep track of in the WordPress audit trail.

Reports Add-On Update

With this update of the plugin we also released an update of the WordPress Reports add-on to address an issue where the /uploads/reports directory was being created with the wrong directory permissions.


The plugin can now also keep a record when an object is moved as a sub-object in a WordPress menu. Refer to the WordPress menu security alerts for all the different alerts related to WordPress menus.

That is it for this new version. Please refer to the changelog for a complete list of changes including bug fixes.

Download & Try WP Security Audit Log

Keep track of all the changes on your WordPress and WordPress multisite installations with WP Security Audit Log plugin. Getting started is very easy, as explained in this introductory video.

You can also use the premium add-ons to create email notifications, see who is logged in to your WordPress, generate user and compliance reports, search in the audit trail and much more.

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