Easily Create WordPress Email Notification with a Wizard

Today we are happy to announce a new version of our Emails Notification Add-On, which you can use to be instantly alerted of important changes on your WordPress via email. In this new version of this WP Security Audit Log plugin add-on we introduced a wizard, with which you can create WordPress email notification triggers with ease.

Select the specific WordPress change for which you would like to be alerted

Therefore whenever you need to build an email notification trigger for your WordPress, now you can either use the Wizard or the Notification Trigger Builder.

Grouping Email Notification Triggers

The wizard can only be used to create simple email notification triggers, for example to send you an email when:

WordPress user logs in OR WordPress user logs out

If you need to group triggers and build a WordPress email notification trigger such as the below, with both the AND and the OR operands, you need to use the Notification Trigger Builder.

User Logs in AND ((user role is Administrator) OR (time is after 18:00 and before 08:00))

Read the section Grouping WordPress Email Notification Triggers in the Add-On’s manual for more information.

Updating the WordPress Email Notifications Add-On

You can update the WordPress Email Notifications Add-On from your WordPress plugins page or the Updates section in the WordPress dashboard, the same as with other WordPress plugins. A valid license is required for the update. If you do not have a valid license you will not have the option to update. If you would like to renew your license, please get in touch with us.

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