Built-in WordPress Email Alerts in Email Notifications Add-On 2.0

We are happy to announce version 2.0 of Email Notifications Add-On, our premium add-on that allows you to configure email notifications for when important changes happen on your WordPress. Version 2.0 includes a number of built-in email alerts and allows you to specify multiple email addresses for WordPress email notifications. Read this post for a highlight of the new features in Email Notifications 2.0.

Send WordPress Email Alerts to Multiple Email Addresses

Now it is possible to specify multiple email addresses when configuring a WordPress email notification and also built-in email notifications. To specify multiple email addresses enter them in the Email Address(es) input field and separate them by a comma, as shown in the below screenshot.

Specify multiple email addresses in the Email Notifications add-on

Configure Site Specific Email Notifications in a WordPress Multisite Network

In this new version of Email Notifications add-on it is possible to configure site specific email notification in a WordPress multisite environment with the new Domain parameter in the email notifications trigger builder.

New Site Domain Allows You To Create Site Specific Email Alerts in WordPress Multisite

In the above configured email notifications trigger the recipients will receive an email notification when a user logs in to site2.wpwhitesecurity.com only. Therefore they won’t be alerted each time there is a login on all the sites in the WordPress multisite network.

Built-In WordPress Email Alerts

We have created a number of built-in email alerts so you can get started with WordPress email notifications without configuring any triggers. Below is an overview of all of them.

List of Built-In WordPress Email Alerts for WP Security Audit Log plugin

Get Notified the First Time a WordPress User Logs In

From a WordPress security point of view this is most probably the most important WordPress email alerts. When this option is enabled the plugin keeps track of all WordPress users logins and alerts you when a new user logs in. This email alert can help you spot suspicious hacker attacks, for example when hackers create a user manually in the database and use it to login to your WordPress website.

WordPress Email Alerts for WordPress User Changes and Actions

We also included a selection of WordPress user changes and actions in the built-in WordPress email alerts such as when a user logs in, changes his password or that of other users, changes the role of another user etc.

WordPress Email Alerts for Content Changes

You can also enable built-in email alerts for when new content is published and for when published content is changed. By content we mean blog posts, pages and custom post types.

Built-In WordPress Email Alerts for Plugin Changes

WordPress plugins are a common source of problems for WordPress administrators and are also a popular target for WordPress hackers. Hence we couldn’t leave them; we also added built-in WordPress email alerts for when a new plugin is installed, activated or a plugin file is modified.

Update Email Notifications for WP Security Audit Log

To update the WordPress Email Notifications add-on navigate to the WordPress plugin’s page in the WordPress admin pages. , You should be notified that an update is available as per the screenshot below.

Update the Email Notifications Add-On

Click Update Now to proceed with the update. Should you have any queries or encounter any problems do not hesitate to get in touch with us or send us an email on support@wpwhitesecurity.com.

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