External Database Support in WP Security Audit Log Plugin

Today we released a new add-on for WP Security Audit log, the External DB Add-On. The scope of this add-on is to allow WordPress administrators to save the WordPress audit log in an external database, rather than the default WordPress database. This post highlights some of the benefits your business can take advantage of when saving the WordPress audit log to an external database.

The Benefits of Saving the Audit Log in an External Database

Improve the Security of your WordPress Websites and Blogs

securityWhen you store the WordPress audit log in an external database you ensure that the WordPress audit log is not tampered by any other script or WordPress customization you have on your WordPress website and that accesses the WordPress database.

Secondly if your WordPress website is hacked and the attackers gain access to the WordPress database they cannot delete their traces and activity from the WordPress audit log, thus allowing you to easily identify any attacks at an early stage and quickly identify the root of the problem and close the security hole.

Improve the Performance of your WordPress Websites and Blogs

In a default installation of WP Security Audit Log plugin the WordPress audit log is stored in the WordPress database. Even though the communication layer between the plugin and the WordPress database is very well optimized, the plugin needs resources to read and write to the WordPress audit log in the WordPress database.

When you store the WordPress audit log in an external database each solution has its own dedicated resources and communication channel. This ensures faster WordPress website or blog, and more efficient WordPress monitoring and auditing solution.

Ensure Your Business WordPress Meets Strict Regulatory Compliance Requirements

Most businesses have a number of regulatory compliance requirements that that they and their websites need to adhere to. For example in the medical industry, your WordPress website needs to NIST_compliance_logobe HIPAA compliant. If you are a government agency or deal with governments your WordPress website need to be FISMA compliant. And the list goes on with compliance bodies such as PCI, NIST, DISA STIG, ISO 27001 etc.

Most of these regulatory compliance requirements require businesses to keep an audit log of everything that happens on their website on a separate entity. Therefore by installing the External DB add-on you ensure all your websites meet the regulatory compliance requirement your business WordPress website needs to adhere to.

More information and Pricing

Visit the External DB Add-On for WP Security Audit Log product page for more information. The External DB add-on only costs $69 for one WordPress website. Prices are heavily discounted when purchasing for multiple websites. Get in touch with us for volume pricing discount of more than 20 websites.

Questions and Support

If you have any questions about the External DB Add-On, WP Security Audit Log plugin or any other add-on do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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