Audit Trail for WooCommerce Store and Products

We are happy to announce the release of WP Security Audit Log 2.6. The main highlight of this update is the monitoring and audit trial for WooCommerce ecommerce platform. Below are the highlights of this new update.

WooCommerce Audit Trail

You’ve asked for it and we have done it! WP Security Audit Log can now keep a record of WooCommerce store and products changes in the WordPress audit trail. The monitoring of WooCommerce is also very comprehensive. The plugin does not just record of a product change, but it keeps a record of what changed in the product be it the price, weight, dimensions, stock amount, SKU and more.

Changes in WooCommerce product reported in the WordPress Audit Trail

WP Security Audit Log also keeps a record in the audit trail if the WooCommerce store’s settings are changed, such as the currency, base location and other options. Refer to the list of WooCommerce alerts for a complete list of which store and products changes can the plugin keep track of.

Disable Alerts with Just a Click

Disable an Alert type by simply hovering over it and clicking DisableWe have also made it much easier to disable a specific alert type. There is no need to go to the Enable/Disable Alerts but you can simply hover over the alert ID and click the Disable button.

Once an alert type is disabled, the change it is reporting will no longer be logged. For example if you disable alert 4003, which is used to keep a record for when a user changes his password, each time a user changes his password it will no longer be logged in the WordPress audit trail. You can enable the alert again from the Enable/Disable Alerts node in the plugin menu.

Other Plugin Improvements

In this version of WP Security Audit Log we have also improved the severity of the alerts. When you hover the mouse on a severity icon you can see what severity of the alert is, as shown in the below screenshot.

WordPress audit trail alerts severity

We have also removed all the code which was being used to monitor for PHP errors. This feature was originally developed for developers but it is no longer being used.

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Use the premium add-ons to get more out of your WordPress audit trail. Create email notifications, generate user and compliance reports, store the WordPress audit trail in syslog, see who is logged in to your WordPress and much more.

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4 thoughts on “Audit Trail for WooCommerce Store and Products

    1. Hello Luke,

      Thank you for showing interest in our plugin. The plugin does keep a log if the stock quantity is changed manually. Are you by any chance changing it automatically via some other third party plugin?

    1. Hello Kenneth,

      Thank you for using our plugin. A “website visitor” is someone doing something on your website who is not authenticated, so in your case most probably that is it. Though I am sure they are somehow authenticating to make such changes. Send me an email on if you want us to look more into this issue.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

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