Premium Features

The monitoring and audit log functionality is available in the free edition of the WP Security Audit Log plugin.

However, you might need extra tools functionality such as Search, Reports and Email Notifications. That’s where WP Security Audit Log Premium comes in! The premium edition of WP Security Audit Log works on top of the free plugin and adds some very useful features!

WordPress users sessions management

See Who Is Logged In to Your WordPress & What They Are Doing in Real Time

See who is logged in to your WordPress and WordPress multisite websites and blogs and what they are doing in realtime. You can also remotely terminate suspicious sessions, block multiple sessions for the same user and get notified via email when multiple sessions for the same user are allowed or blocked.

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Generate Statistics, Managerial & Compliance WordPress Reports

Generate any type of WordPress website and user activity report from the WordPress audit trial. You can also configure and schedule automated daily, weekly and monthly reports which you can receive via email.

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Instant Email Alerts to Keep Track of Important Changes

Get alerted instantly via email when important changes happen on your WordPress. Simply set up the rules or enable the built-in notifications to receive an email when important changes happen on your website.

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Upgrade Your WordPress Logging & Monitoring Solution to Benefit from the Premium Features Now

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Easily Search For & Find Specific Activity

The search functionality allows you to make free-text based searches to easily track down and find a specific WordPress change. You can also use the filters to fine tune the search results.

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Better Manage the WordPress Activity Log Database

Store the WordPress activity log in an external database and configure archiving of old data so the activity log database remains blazing fast.

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Integrate the Activity Log with Third Party Services

Mirror your WordPress site’s activity logs to external services and solutions such as Slack so you always have a backup copy and add them to your corporate central logging solution.

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Upgrade to a Complete WordPress Audit & Activity Log Solution

See who is logged in, generate report, search for activity using free-text searches and filters, and get alerted instantly of important changes on your WordPress websites.

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