Introducing the All Add-Ons Bundle – Benefit from a 60% Discount

Plate with 60% discount

We are happy to introduce the All Add-Ons bundle. Starting at only $99 for 1 WordPress website, this add-ons bundle includes all the WP Security Audit Log plugin add-ons and costs 60% less.

The premium add-ons bundle is also available for multiple websites and WordPress multisites networks.

Get the Best of Your WordPress Audit Trail

As a WordPress best practice, and as mandatory compliance requirement for most online businesses you should always keep a WordPress audit trial, to record every change that happens on your website or blog. Though keeping an audit trial is of no use unless you have the right tools that allow you to automatically search through thousands of records, or be notified when an important change happens.

Use WP Security Audit Log Plugin to Keep a WordPress Audit Trail

When you use the WP Security Audit Log plugin to keep a WordPress audit trial you can also install several add-ons that allow you to enjoy more benefit of keeping an audit log. And when you but all the add-ons as a bundle you also benefit from a 60% discount. A single WordPress website All Add-Ons Bundle only costs $89 and it includes the:

Email Notifications add-on: configure email alerts so you are instantly notified when important changes happen on your WordPress.

Search add-on: use free-text based search to search for a specific change on your WordPress. You can also use the built-in features to fine tune your searches.

Reports add-on: generate any type of WordPress report to keep track of users’ productivity and to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

External Database add-on: store the WordPress audit trail in an external database to improve both the performance and security of your WordPress website.

Bigger Discount Rates for Multiple WordPress Websites Licenses

If you manage multiple WordPress websites, or have a WordPress multisite installation you can also buy the All Add-Ons bundle for multiple websites. The bigger the number of websites the lower the price per website is and the bigger the savings! Get in touch with us for more information on volume licensing pricing of more than 50 WordPress websites.

Take Control of Your WordPress Site

Keep a log of all your WordPress site changes, get instantly notified of important changes and see who is logged in real time.

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