Beta Testers for WP Security Audit Log Plugin

We are looking for beta testers to test the upcoming version 2.0 of WP Security Audit Log, WordPress’ most popular user monitoring and logging plugin. To apply simply drop us an email on

Progress on WP Security Audit Log

Beta Testing WP Security Audit LogIt has been quite a while since we released an update for WP Security Audit Log plugin, but we haven’t been sleeping. We have been working flat out on the new features of WP Security Audit Log plugin. It took us longer than usual because we have rewritten the plugin’s database connector, i.e. the component the plugin uses to store WordPress Security Alerts in the WordPress database.

The new database connector is faster than its predecessors and more reliable. It will also allow us to continuously expand the plugin’s functionality without having to do major core changes, and most importantly of all, it will allow all of you users to use an extension to store the WordPress security alerts in an external MySQL database.

In WP Security Audit Log 2.0 there are also a few more new features, a good number of improvements and bug fixes, which we will tell you about once we release it.

Known Issues in WP Security Audit Log Beta

The plugin you will be testing is still in beta, which means it has a number of known issues. It is not recommended to install the plugin on live websites. Below is a list of the existing known issues:

  1. Automatic pruning of WordPress Security Alerts is not working.
  2. Monitoring of failed WordPress logins is not working correctly; only the first 2 logins are being recorded.
  3. Existing premium Add-Ons have not been updated to use the new database connector yet, hence will not work with this version.
  4. The site selection drop down menu in WordPress multisite is not working, therefore one cannot filter the alerts by site.

Thank You for Testing – Get the Free Extensions

As a small token of appreciation we are giving every beta tester a free one year license of all our premium extensions; Email Notifications, Search and Reports. We will also give you a license for the new upcoming extension External Database.

So what are you waiting for? Drop us an email on to get started.

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