BETA Test the User Login & Session Management Add-On

We are happy to announce that we are working on a new add-on for the WP Security Audit Log plugin that allows you to see who is logged in to your WordPress and WordPress multisite websites and blogs. As seen in the below screenshot, the new User Logins & Sessions Management add-on will report all the necessary details about every logged-in session, including the time when the session was created and when it will expire, the user and user’s role, the source IP of the session, the latest change done by that user and the website’s name, in case of a WordPress multisite installation.

See who is logged in to your WordPress websites and blogs with the new Add-on

The add-on also allows you to destroy any of the existing sessions and block multiple sessions for the same username at the same time, thus giving you full control on who is logged in to your WordPress websites and who can login.

BETA Test the New WP Security Audit Log Add-On

The new User Logins & Session Management Add-On is still in BETA phase, which means all features and functionality have been developed but further testing is required. Help us identify all the existing issues in the add-on by BETA testing the new Add-on. To register your interest please send us an email on

Free Add-On License & 20% Discount for All BETA Testers

All BETA testers will get a FREE User Logins & Sessions Management Add-On license and will get a further 20% discount on any other WP Security Audit Log Add-Ons and packages.

Take Control of Your WordPress Site

Keep a log of all your WordPress site changes, get instantly notified of important changes and see who is logged in real time.

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