New Reports Add-On Update: Statistics & Configurable Periodic WordPress Reports

We are happy to announce the new update of the Reports Add-on.  We’ve completely rewrote the code of the scheduled reports and much more. Here is an overview of what is new and improved in this update for this WP Security Audit Log premium add-on; Schedule Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly WordPress Reports The scheduled […]

How to Enable WordPress Debug

Sometimes we are unable to reproduce a problem a user is encountering when using the WP Security Audit Log plugin. In such cases we would require more information from the user’s WordPress website, which can be found in a log file. These log files can be generated by enabling the WordPress debug. Note that debugging (the process of finding […]

Improved Monitoring of WordPress Site-Wide Settings with WP Security Audit Log

We are happy to announce the release of version 2.6.2 of WP Security Audit Log, WordPress’ most comprehensive and easy to use audit trail plugin. This update includes new monitoring capabilities of a WordPress’ site-wide website settings and post specific settings. We also managed to fit in several improvements and bug fixes. Let’s take a […]

Editable Email Templates & More in New Update of the Email Notifications Add-On

We are happy to announce the release of version 2.2.0 of the Email Notifications Add-On, the add-on that allows you to be instantly notified via email when important changes happen on your WordPress. Here is a quick overview of what is new: Editable Email Templates You can now edit and personalise the email templates that are […]

Email Notifications Add-On Version 2.1.3 Released

Today we released an update for the Email Notifications Add-on, which allows you to configure your own rules so you are instantly alerted via email of important changes on your WordPress. With this update you can now: Use custom WordPress user roles when creating a rule Use Custom Post Types with prefix In previous builds […]

Audit Trail for WooCommerce Store and Products

We are happy to announce the release of WP Security Audit Log 2.6. The main highlight of this update is the monitoring and audit trial for WooCommerce ecommerce platform. Below are the highlights of this new update. WooCommerce Audit Trail You’ve asked for it and we have done it! WP Security Audit Log can now keep […]

New WP Security Audit Log Plugin Supports Syslog and Papertrail

Today we are excited to announce version 2.5.9 of the WP Security Audit Log WordPress plugin, and version 2.0 of the External DB premium add-on. We have really put in a lot of work in these versions, and finally you can mirror the WordPress audit trail to Syslog and Papertrail, the cloud-hosting log management system. […]

WP Security Audit Log 2.5.8 is Released

We just released an update of the WP Security Audit Log plugin and all the premium add-ons. In this update we standardized the date and time formats the plugin and all the add-ons use, and also the time zone. With this update, the WordPress audit trail of WP Security Audit Log can now be used […]

Keeping a Log of When Logged in Users Open the Editor or View a Specific Content

We have been asked several times if the WP Security Audit Log plugin keeps a record in the WordPress audit trail when a logged in user views a page or post, or opens it in the editor. And with this new update which we are happy to announce today, our answer is yes. But that’s […]

Easily Create WordPress Email Notification with a Wizard

In this update of the Emails Notifications Add-on for WP Security Audit Log we introduce a wizard which you can use to easily create your email notification triggers so you can get instantly alerted of important changes on your WordPress via email.