Keep Record of All WordPress Content Changes with WP Security Audit Log Plugin

The new version of WP Security Audit Log integrates with WordPress’ built-in revision system, thus allowing you to keep a record of all the content changes on posts, pages and custom post types. Therefore when a user changes some of the content on your WordPress you can use WordPress audit trail to see what the content changes were.

Introducing the All Add-Ons Bundle – Benefit from a 60% Discount

Benefit from a 60% discount when you buy all the WP Security Audit Log premium add-ons as a bundle. Starting from just $89 for one website, this bundle is ideal for every WordPress website or blog administrator out there who would like to keep an eye on what is happening on his website.

Built-in WordPress Email Alerts in Email Notifications Add-On 2.0

Announcing Email Notifications Add-On version 2.0 – send WordPress email alerts to multiple email addresses and easily get started with the built-in WordPress email alerts. Read this blog post for an overview of what is new in Email Notifications Add-On 2.0 and to see how easy it is to configure your first WordPress email alert for when important changes happen on your WordPress website.

New WordPress Security Alerts for Contributors in WP Security Audit Log

WP Security Audit Log 2.1.1 is available for download. The new version includes 2 new security alerts, several improvements and bug fixes. The new version is also shipped with a much improved audit trail search functionality and also improved database connection checks for the External DB add-on.

Integration with and Support for External Database in WP Security Audit Log 2.1

The new version of WP Security Audit Log has support for the External Database Add-On and is integrated with so you can get more information about a specific IP address with just a click of a button. For more information about what is new, improved and fixed in this new version of WordPress’ most popular monitoring and audit log plugin read this post.

External Database Support in WP Security Audit Log Plugin

There are several benefits you can take advantage of when saving your WordPress Audit Log in an external database such as improving the security of your WordPress setup, boosting of performance and also ensure your website is compliant with the industry’s strict regulatory compliance requirements.

New Database Connector in WP Security Audit Log 2.0

WordPress 2.0 includes a major change in the core of the plugin that will allow us to provide much more functionality in the future versions. It also makes the plugin to WordPress database connection much faster and more efficient.

Monitor WordPress Database Changes with WP Security Audit Log 1.6

Keep track of WordPress database changes that plugins, themes and other components might make with WP Security Audit Log. By keeping track of such WordPress database changes you ease the troubleshooting process should you encounter any technical problems, especially during upgrades or customizations.

Exclude WordPress Users & Roles from WordPress Monitoring

Version 1.5.0 of WP Security Audit Log, WordPress’ most popular user monitoring plugin is available for download. In this version we included new features such as the ability to exclude users, roles and custom fields from WordPress monitoring. Read this blog post for more information about what is new and improved in version 1.5.