Keeping a Log of When Logged in Users Open the Editor or View a Specific Content

We have been asked several times if the WP Security Audit Log plugin keeps a record in the WordPress audit trail when a logged in user views a page or post, or opens it in the editor. And with this new update which we are happy to announce today, our answer is yes. But that’s […]

Easily Create WordPress Email Notification with a Wizard

In this update of the Emails Notifications Add-on for WP Security Audit Log we introduce a wizard which you can use to easily create your email notification triggers so you can get instantly alerted of important changes on your WordPress via email.

Logging of 404 Requests and Support for WordPress 4.6 in New WP Security Audit Log 2.5.2

Today we released version 2.5.2 of the WP Security Audit Log, WordPress’ most comprehensive audit trail plugin. In this version we worked on: Logging of 404 HTTP Error Requests to a Log files Since we introduced the monitoring of 404 HTTP error requests many of you asked if they can see the URLs that are […]

Keep Record of WordPress Comment Changes, 404 Requests and More with the New WP Security Audit Log

We are happy to announce version 2.5 of WP Security Audit Log plugin, WordPress’ most popular audit trail plugin. In this new version the plugin is able to keep a record of all WordPress comments changes, 404 requests and much more. Read these release notes for more information.

Why Should You Use the WP Security Audit Log WordPress Plugin?

Read this article for more information on why you should install and use the WP Security Audit Log plugin for keeping a WordPress audit trail, in which you keep a record of every change that is happening on your WordPress and WordPress multisite network websites and blogs.

New WordPress Users Sessions Management Add-On for WP Security Audit Log

Announcing the new WP Security Audit Log with support for a new add-on and fixes for the Reports add-on. This new version 2.4.3 also has an improved WordPress menu monitoring mechanism.

WP Security Audit Log 2.4.1 Released

Announcing version 2.4.1 of WordPress’ most popular audit trial and security monitoring plugin! The new version includes more security alerts for more granular monitoring of all WordPress changes and a new setting that allows you to configure the time zone used in the WordPress audit trial.

Hooks for Custom Alerts and Monitoring of WordPress Menus Changes and Scheduled Content

Announcing version 2.4 of WP Security Audit Log: a new hook for custom alerts, ability to keep a record of all WordPress menus changes and when users schedule either a post, page or custom post type for publishing. Read this post for an overview of what is new, improved and fixed.