The WP Security Audit Log WordPress plugin is developed by the team at WP White Security, a UK based company that provides WordPress security services and consultancy to businesses from all around the world. WP White Security was founded by Robert Abela in 2013 and currently consists of a small teams of professionals and is also the driving force behind the WP Security Bloggers project, an aggregate of WordPress security news and updates.

Robert Abela

Robert is a WordPress security professional and technical blogger with over 15 years of experience in the IT industry. Before leading WP White Security he started his career as a software testing engineer at GFI Software and worked his way up through several positions in different companies, with the last position being Product Manager for Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner. His writing has been featured in several popular security and WordPress sites such as Help Net Security, WP Mayor and WPLift.


Ashar Irfan

Ashar Irfan is a WordPress Developer and Core Contributor with a Computer Science degree. He was an apprentice of Ahmad Awais, one of the most popular full stack WordPress developers. Ashar has a deep understanding of both front-end and back-end technologies and took over the role of lead developer of the WP Security Audit Log plugin in 2017. When not working on the plugin, Ashar likes to create professional themes and other plugins, and also contributing to the open source community.


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